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Turkey Patty Melt Recipe

Turkey Patty Melt Recipe This recipe is quick and easy. It merges two down home favorites. The cheese burger and a grilled cheese sandwich. Recipe Ground Turkey Meat Yellow Onions American cheese Bread Butter Olive oil Garlic powder Salt Pepper Season the meat the way that you would like. Make sure that you don’t over salt the meat because you will be adding cheese. Cheese has a lot of salt already. Make patties flat and medium size. You will need to caramelize your onions. Heat your pan and put olive Oil in it. Cut your yellow onion in circles. Place onions in hot pan. Never put onions in cool pan. Cook onions until they are translucent. Cooking turkey
meat. Heat pan and place both butter and olive oil in. Cook both sides of the meat thoroughly. Make sure that you sear the meat. Sandwich Take any kind of sliced bread. Put one slice of cheese on both pieces of bread. Take your patties and place on one slice of bread. Take your caramelized onions and put them on the other slice with the cheese. So there should be a slice of cheese for both sides to seal the sandwich. Place bread In pan and cook for about a minute on both sides. Once done take some garlic powder and shake it on both sides of the sandwich. Enjoy!

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