The Benefits Of Using A Paddle Brush For Natural Hair

Using a paddle brush makes your cuticles lie flat, and this is great for smoothing and detangling hair and boosting its shine and sleekness. Paddle brushes are perfect for all different hair types and textures (from baby-fine to thick long hairstyles), and a good one can last for years.A paddle brush is usually quite large, flat and wide, and typically made of plastic, timber or ceramic. The head of the paddle is commonly oval or rectangular, and its bristles might be pure boar (which tend to be softer), nylon,
ball-tipped nylon, or a mix of boar and nylon. The bristles usually sit on an air cushion, which means they contour your head and provide a stimulating scalp massage while distributing the oil evenly from your roots.Ion bristles are a great innovation in paddle brushes. An ion is basically an electric charge, and these bristles generate ions from the energy created by your brushing motion and its reaction with the natural crystal in the brush's resin. Ions are said to reduce static and help close the hair cuticle.
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