The Reasons Why Women Have Belly Fat

Belly Fat has become an epidemic. It can be unattractive and just plain get in the way. Many women have become comfortable with their love handles because they simply do not know that belly fat is a huge indicator of a possible health problem. Women are not aware that they may have insulin resistance or an underlying thyroid disease. When you have tried many diets and exercise regimens and you just haven’t reached your expected results, then taking a holistic approach will definitely be for you. Below are some reasons why you may have that stubborn fat around your waist. You may not be metabolizing carbs. So all carbs are burned for energy. If you have a health problem, those carbs that are not correctly digested will be stored as fat. The thyroid is your central place of weight control and it thrives off of iodine. Get your iodine Zinc
and selenium are good for the thyroid Make your low functioning thyroid work again by using these minerals. Eating a low calorie diet causes weight gain around belly. So having a restrictive diet can sometimes do more harm than good. Eating too low of protein also contributes to weight gain in the abdomen. So being vegan can contribute to belly fat. Vitamin D is very important It is not a vitamin, it’s a hormone. Imbalances in hormones causes fat storage. Lack of sleep causes cortisol, the stress hormone to get out of wack. High Cortisol levels causes more fat storage. So when you are stressed, many women stress eat. For example some women will eat chocolate. That chocolate that you have during that stressful moment will go directly to your belly fat. To begin taking a holistic approach to you losing your belly fat please consider getting a holistic coach. To obtain a holistic coach, email

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