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Follow this... Things that causes over growth of bacteria are as follows: Dairy Sodas Gluten Red Meat Pork Start to lower your intake of these foods. Incorporate fresh foods like: Tomatoes Cucumbers Celery Onions are anti fungal and anti bacterial. Start eating onions with your food. Red onions are good Sweet onions are good raw You can eat cooked onions as well. Onions helps with detoxing your body. Eat strawberries and blueberries (organic if possible) blend them or place In your water. This will keep the yoni fresh and smelling good. Get you some cinnamon capsules. Follow the directions on the bottle. Use bleach during your hygiene regimen. Get a spray bottle and use about 2 tablespoons of
bleach and fill the rest with water. Take your wash Cloth and place shampoo... suave... and spray with the bleach solution. Wipe the outside parts and the inner area but not in the canal. This will start to help the bacteria to dissipate. Do not douche or use any other items inside of the area. Also you must go to the bathroom regularly. If you are not, this will contribute to odors and bacteria build up. Eat fiber daily.. Veggies and fruits are full of fiber. No sodas, juice or any heavily sweet drinks. Never drink your sugars Do these steps and let me know how things are going

Try a holistic approach to this problem. We have wellness coaches available to help you with your wellness concerns. Go to the group below.

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