This Can Help You Get A Smaller Waist Line

Having a smaller waist is everyone's dream. Who wouldn't want to be able to wear mid drift shirts and a bikini's? Well when your genes are not in your favor, you need to learn the hidden secret for having a fat stomach. The number one cause of having an enlarged mid-section is having an abundance of stress in your life. Long hours at work, a failing relationship or even a wellness condition can all contribute to your stress build up. Stress does two major things. One stress will build up cortisol in your blood stream. This will lead to a condition, called insulin resistance. Insulin resistance has a lot to do with how your
body processes glucose. When these two things happen, it will lead to the second major cause. Eating habits will become awful. Your body will crave sugar and more carbs. This will lead to weight gain and a host of other wellness issues. Look at your belly fat as your body's storage for a rainy day. When your body is going through stress, all channels of detoxing are kind of slowed down. Your heart rate goes up, sugar goes up and the health problems will follow. Once your stress is lowered, your body will start back to burn fat. If you are looking to take a Holistic approach to solve this problem, join our holistic group.

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