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The woman’s body can be a little bit off from time to time. This can be due to stress, using the wrong products, and a host of other things. One main thing that causes your ph to be off, is the diet that you partake in daily. Next we will go over some common things that you may already know that will help you with your feminine balance. Watch how many partners that you have Change your undies daily Take daily showers Be careful of using products with a lot of perfume in it. Change your sanitary items
during your cycle often. Do not have relations during your menstrual period Foods that causes issues in the PH department Non organic dairy High sugar diet High bread intake High carb intake Eating too much red meat Practices that causes PH problems Not exercising Not sleeping the required amount of hours daily We offer a course that will give you step by step guidance on this matter. You will become more knowledgeable on the following The woman’s PH balance How stress interrupts the body Product knowledge Food triggers Supplement guidance Herbal guidance Natural ways to balance your feminine wellness . You will have access to our exclusive community for a year.

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