Stopping Meat Can Do This To Your Body

I was on a plant based diet for nearly 16 years. My plate consisted of only fruits and vegetables, grains, and beans. I cut out all animal products, including dairy,eggs and seafood. Digestion was good and I felt so energized. Once I got a little older,things changed in my body. I started to have less energy. Doing the smallest things would be so draining. I also noticed that I was beginning to have horrible migraines before and during my periods. Sometimes during my period, I couldn’t even get out of bed. I knew something was off. I started to eat more iron based plant foods and increase fats in my diet. It didn’t change anything. I also wanted to incorporate seafood into my diet due to the cravings. I denied it because I wanted to keep up my plant based diet. Once I started to have digestive problems, I decided to visit a holistic practitioner. I thought that I had developed a sensitivity to gluten. My labs came back saying that I was low in iron. My iron stores were very low. I also was low in other nutrients such as vitamins B-12, A, D, and zinc. I had been eating healthy, but my body wasn’t absorbing the nutrients. My practitioner was very concerned about my results, but allowed me to come to my own decisions on my diet. She suggested a long list
of different vitamins and supplements to try. This was to help me to raise my levels. I knew that along with the supplements, I would have to do an overhaul to my diet. I had been ignoring the signs and the cravings that my body was craving for a long time. I decided to change my diet and to not allow me wanting to be vegan to further my problems. It’s been a few months since I have started eating meat again. I slowly incorporated eggs and seafood. It’s very important to me to get the best animal protein. I only purchase wild-caught salmon and eggs from pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free chickens. When I crave beef, I buy grass fed beef. I have noticed some positive changes in my body since the change. I sleep throughout the night. I also sleep deeper. More energy in the morning Feeling more satisfied after meals Skin cleared up. Migraines went away Once I felt like a migraine was coming, I ate a pierce of beef and within an hour it went away. Make sure to get enough iron right before your period and during. Just a serving of red meat will do. Once or twice a week. Listen to your body. Don’t feel guilty for having to incorporate some meat into your diet. It’s all about how you feel. Get you a holistic practitioner as well to help you with your goals. It helped me.

Try a holistic approach to this problem. We have wellness coaches available to help you with your wellness concerns. Go to the group below.

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