Do You Have Heavy Periods

Having Heavy cycles can be challenging to your ever yday life. Luckily there are natural things that you can do to help you with this pesky problem. Most women that I talk to, notices problems in this department after they turn 35. This is due to the fact that there is a huge hormone shift at this point in life. There are two major hormones that assist in a woman’s cycle to come and go normally. Estrogen- helps things grow Progesterone -keeps the lining of the uterus intact Things that can cause imbalances Weight changes Estrogen Dominance Stress Diabetes High blood pressure Lack of physical activity Dehydration Can help the body to become imbalanced If you are missing your cycles all together: This may be a little more tricky but it can be resolved. Taking BC may not be the best solution because it can make matters worse. Fiber is important
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Not getting enough fiber will cause your body to retain waste that will cause the body to become more riddled with estrogen. This can lead to conditions like PCOS also can help the lining of the Uterus to have growths called fibroids. Sleeping is crucial in dealing with Heavy cycles. The body can only heal while resting. Benefits of proper sleep Detoxing Healthy weight maintenance Healing time is decreased Mental clarity Mood enhancer Meat intake Eating things like eggs and red meat can add to problems in the department Reproductive health. Make sure that you limit red meat and dairy if you see an imbalance in your menstrual cycle. For more support on this subject, please join our exclusive community. It’s listed below. Once you are a member: one of our Holistic Practitioners will assist you with Your journey of finding what’s right for you to cope with this condition.

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