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Tips On Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

Well unless you are living up under a rock, you should have heard about everything that is going around. People are nervous because people are getting sick and not making it after contracting certain viruses. There are ways to not be apart of the group that is getting sick. Below we will give you some tips on keeping your immune system in tip top shape. Wash your hands Washing your hands sounds simple but it is one of the most important ways to keep germs down. Use soft soap, not bar soap. Make sure that you carry your own soap. If you are not able to do that... use the public soap with the back of your hand or your elbow. Take your nails and scrub both of
your hands. Rinse your hands and repeat. Dry your hands thoroughly. Drink plenty of water Drinking water will help you circulate nutrients through the body. It will also keep your body temperature normal. Do not eat public food Eating fast food is not good on so many levels. You do not know who is preparing it. Also everyone’s hygiene practices are not healthy. Do not eat too much sugar A high sugar diet will weaken your immune system. Use Bleach Bleach gets rd of germs. Do not shake people’s hands. Shaking hands opens you up to extra germs. This will make your immune system work harder and it will lead to a weakened system. Keep your hands out of your face. Your hands comes in contact with everything. Be aware of your hands at all times. Watch Video Below

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