Cheesy Mac And Cheese Recipe

This recipe is a huge hit in the family. It’s comfort food at its finest. You can also add broccoli for added health benefits This fun recipe is very easy to make. Macaroni Noodles Broccoli (optional) Muenster cheese Cheddar cheese Salt Pepper Chilli powder Milk (optional) Boil water and salt the water. Place noodles in boiling water. Cook noodles until tender. Do not over cook. Drain and Dry noodles. Place broccoli in boiling water. Take
out broccoli when tender but not mushy. Place broccoli and noodles in pan and put cheese and seasonings in. Season to your liking. If you are baking the Mac and cheese bake for about 30 minutes on 375. Before baking shake paprika or chilli powder on top for color. You can make this on top of the stove or bake it. For more recipes, check out our other blogs.

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