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Reasons For Hair Loss

Hair loss can be scary. It’s important to know that hair loss usually comes from an Underlying problem. As soon as you see that your hair is thinning or coming out, you should be diligent in finding the root cause. Stress Stress is really detrimental to the health of your hair. It really causes havoc in the body. Stress makes you make bad choices. It helps you to not sleep well, eat well or function well. Everyone has stress, but once the stress becomes chronic, health problems will arise. Stress management techniques will definitely help the body deal with stress. Meditation, deep breathing exercises will help you to remove stress. Diet We all know that our diet is very important for our well being. Eating
fresh fruit and veggies will assist in your body being healthy and you growing hair. Hormone issues Your hormones must be balanced for healthy hair. Pregnancy and child birth Hair loss, shedding, suggests there is a severe hormonal imbalance and a lack of iron. This is why it is most common after child birth, as the hormones adjust to a body without the baby. It really happens if there is a lack of iron during pregnancy. Taking a Holistic approach may be the best thing to try out. It helps you to get to the root of the problem. Hair loss is a symptom of a much deeper condition that must be addressed for it to heal. To get assistance from a holistic counselor go to the reference

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