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I Love Beauty is a page where beauty professionals Goes Live and show their talents. This is perfect for someone who would love to advertise to build their clientele, social media or someone who just loves the beauty field. Here are the rules YOU MUST BE ABLE TO GO LIVE TWICE A WEEK. NO MUSIC All videos must be at least 30 minutes and no longer than an hour. If you have to go over an hour stop video post and start a new one. YOU MUST TAKE AD BREAKS EVERY TIME FACEBOOK Notifies YOU. A moderator should not have to tell you to take a break and doing so ruins the video. So this is what the ad breaks allows. The ad BREAKS allows us to continuously offer this opportunity at no charge to you. The breaks also allows you to take a breather and readjust your self. It also makes your videos professional. So look at them as your assistant. Don't allow the audience to ruin your image and your video on what the advertisements are really for. All videos Must show  you doing hair or makeup and you must show the end result. We expect a hairstylist and makeup artists to want business from the page so your videos must be polished and professional. If you have someone else filming you, please make sure that they read only the good comments and that they continuously show you doing hair or makeup. Also make sure
that they take the ad breaks as well. You are welcomed to be interactive with the viewers however you do not have to respond to everything. There's always a moderator on your  Videos and if at anytime we ask you to end the video please do so and post it and start a new one.  We will block negativity. You are to assert yourself professionally. You do not have to acknowledge every question or comment.   At no time are you to complain about taking an ad break. Doing so looks very bad on the page and it could ruin you from being able to do more videos. If the audience asks why are there breaks you just simply say that the breaks are for sponsorship. No brands are allowed to be talked about on the Videos. If you have your own brand please ask a moderator before you broadcast to see if you can talk about it during your videos. You are to always put all of your information in the status and always refer the audience to the description for your information. Before going live make sure that you copy your status just in case you have to start a new video. Do not over talk about your information in the video. Always say at the end of your video to follow I love beauty for more of your videos and to refer to the description box to follow you.
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