This Could Be Causing The Back Of Your Neck To Be Dark

Having hyperpigmentation can be a bother. It gets in the way of you feeling like your natural and beautiful self. Most would try to cover their skin problems with makeup. This practice may cover the problem but it is very temporary. Having dark patches on the skin, especially the back of the neck is an indicator of an internal problem that needs to be determined. If these problems are not addressed the issue will remain and could possibly get worse. Insulin Resistance is a major issue amongst women. Having
a high carb and sugar diet, will definitely lead to this common yet complicated issue. It leads to issues like PCOS. This issue will effect your menstrual cycles, weight, and your thyroid. Many have attempted to deal with this issue on their own, but sometimes you will need assistance. Trying a Holistic Approach may be what you need. Join our Holistic Community to get in touch with one of our practitioners. We do Virtual Appointments. Very Affordable and Efficient Once you are in the community Request a practitioner and someone will assist you.

Try a holistic approach to this problem. We have wellness coaches available to help you with your wellness concerns. Go to the group below.

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