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Tips On Balancing Hormones

How to balance your Hormones Hormones are signals that tells your body what to do. We literally have hormones telling our bodies to do every function that we don’t even think about. We have hormones that helps us sleep and wake. There are hormones that helps us eat and not have an appetite. We have hormones that helps us through our menstrual cycle as well. When these hormones are working properly, we pay them no mind, however when they are not balanced problems will start to arise. To balance your hormones, you must first know which ones are unbalanced. If you are having trouble sleeping, melatonin is out of balance. Melatonin is the hormones that tells us to settle down enough to go to sleep. You may need
more magnesium to help with sleeping problems. If you are not going to the bathroom properly. Meaning that you are constipated, cortisol which is the stress hormone many be out of balance . Start drinking some green tea that has no caffeine in it. Let the green tea seep in cold water for great benefits. If you have fibroids, estrogen may be out of balance. Eat more well cooked broccoli to help you get rid of the excessive estrogen. If you are going through anxiety, your adrenaline may be high. Adrenaline is the stress hormone. Start to do breathing exercises and meditate to help control this problem. These are just a few things that were discussed. If you are looking for more support with hormonal imbalance, join our Health community.

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