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This Leads To Feminine Hygiene Problems

Are you struggling with yeast infections, BV or any other feminine odor problems? If the answer is yes, know that you are not alone. Many women struggle in this department because Intimate hygiene is not only a lost bathing and using soap. It’s more complex than that. Most disorders,discomforts and diseases comes from an internal problem. This internal problem must be addressed before the problem is healed. So let’s start at the beginning. Body odor comes from what we eat and how we live. A person who has a poor diet is more prone to having issues. Not drinking enough water and eating enough vegetables and fruit will lead to several imbalances in the body. I know that this sounds cliche, but it’s the truth. Water, Fruits and veggies helps the body tremendously. Next, let’s get into why this is. Well first off veggies and fruit are full of water. The human body is 70% or more water. A dehydrated body will not effectively get rid of toxins. Veggies and fruit also provides fiber. Fiber keeps you regular. If you are not going to the bathroom regularly, toxins will build up in the body. Women need 18 grams of fiber per day. If you are having problems with going to the bathroom, add some psyllium husks to your daily regimen. Magnesium will also help you to be come regular. Physical
activity is also a must to stay healthy and fit. A simple brisk walk daily will keep things flowing correctly. There comes a point in a persons life where they will definitely need probiotics. Probiotics will definitely give your microbiome a boost. If you are getting a lot of infections, probiotics will definitely help you. These great organisms help the body to ward off bad bacteria. It is the bad bacteria that causes diseases and infections. If you are constantly having discharge, this is a sign of yeast build up. The following foods will cause yeast build up. Rice Bread Noodles Potatoes Soy Corn Yogurt Sugary foods Cheese Eat these foods with this in mind. These foods turn into sugar when. It hits the stomach and can up root things. If you are currently going through any infection, try to lessen your sugar intake. You can not heal an infection and feed it at the same time. Stress is a huge contributor as well. You may ask why. Well stress will cause your stress hormones and glucose to rise. So stress along with a bad diet will surely cause an imbalance in the intimate areas. Have you ever tried a Holistic Approach to your wellness concerns? Well we can help you to come up with a plan to deal with your issues naturally. A holistic approach will attempt to address the base root cause. Join the Holistic Community.

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This Leads To Feminine Hygiene Problems

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