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Using Bleach Will Help You With Hygeine

So being a woman is a lovely thing. We have the best job ever. We give life, we nurture and our beauty is undeniable. Everything seems to be peaches until we get feminine odor. Feminine odor is so embarrassing. It prevents us from below my able to live free and to be happy. Unfortunately we are taught that having a slight odor is ok. Well ladies it isn’t. We do not have to have any kind of odor down there. I am a holistic counselor. I have worked with women who are responsible in the hygiene department, are careful on who they have physical relationships with and women who are confident that their diets are right. All of these things can be in check and an odor can still be there. Although all women are made differently, somethings we all have in common. As women we must learn what our bodies like and what our bodies don’t like. Now before I get into the specifics of things I have to mention the bleach method. The first thing that you’re going to get is a spray bottle. You are going to fill about a quarter of the bottle up and fill the rest up with water. This will be perfect for someone who takes showers. If you still like taking baths you can always put a Cap full of bleach in your water and also use a spray bottle. You are going to take the spray bottle and use your washcloth or whatever instrument that
you use to clean yourself and just spray the cloth and only use on the outside part. Now let’s get to your diet. I don’t even like saying diet I like saying lifestyle. Your diet is very important when it comes to healthy hygiene. Like the saying says “we are what we eat”.So there are certain foods that will definitely cause odor in your special place. A lot of women love to eat yogurt, take probiotics, and eat fruit. These things are fine however You need to realize that the odorthat you smell is bacteria. Bacteria loves sugar. So you have to be careful on how much sugar you allow in your body. Overtime we tend to eat bad food, smoke, we also do not drink the proper amount of water: these things leads to our bodies to not functioning well. All of the food and toxic things that we ingest on a daily basis have to go somewhere. Detoxing is another way to help our bodies to get rid of things that causes odor . I will not get into the specifics in this article however you are welcome to contact me to become a client of mine. I will help you with your struggles with your health as well as feminine odor. Sometimes it’s just one or two things that we have to change to make things much better in our lives. For videos and more information please feel free to join my patreon. If you would like more information on holistic living please email me at

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