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Jerk Turkey Wings Recipe

Turkey wings are the most tastiest things ever. Many people do not know how to make turkey where it’s falling off of the bone. Turkey is naturally a tough meat so it needs a lot of tender loving care to be tender and seasoned. The key to getting turkey tender is the seasoning. Mustard is the base of my recipe. The mustard helps the seasonings to stick to the meat. This process makes the meat literally fall off of the bone. Instructions Get the wing portion of the turkey wings. Leave the fin on. Soak the wings in kosher salt over night. Only use a half
of a table spoon. Take the wings and rinse them off twice. Place in pan and place mustard on the wings. Use about two table spoons of mustard. Rub each wing down. Make sure that the mustard is distributed evenly. Get Badia Jerk seasoning. Use about 2 tablespoons of seasoning and rub the Turkey wings with it. Make sure that every piece is seasoned. Get a sweet onion and cut it and place on top. Sprinkle more Badia Jerk Seasoning on the top. Cook covered in Oven in 375 for 4 hours. Check them and make sure that the wings are brown and tender. Serve with veggies and Mac and cheese. Enjoy!!

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