Eat Blueberries For Great Health And Beauty

Blueberries are so refreshing and delicious. They are low in calories but high in healthy benefits. A cup full of blueberries will give you so many antioxidants. They are also good for the skin. They slow down the aging process. So if you find yourself looking like you should be a grandmother and you haven’t even had your first child yet, run to this fruit. If you have high blood pressure this tiny fruit is wonderful. It actually cleans up your blood system from bad cholesterol. It helps protect you from heart disease as well. If you suffer from a lot of urinary tract infections, your diet should consist of this fruit daily. Blueberries are in

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the same family as cranberries but not as tart. The fruit helps unhealthy bacteria like E. coli to not stick to the urethra. It has the vitamins B6, E, A and other vitamins that we need on a daily basis. This fruit is great for diabetics as well. Since it’s very low glycemic, diabetics can eat this fruit and not have to worry about glucose spikes. A serving size is appropriately one cup, which would be about the same glucose as one apple. Everyone run out to your grocery store and get this powerful fruit today. Organic is the best, but whether it is organic or not, always wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

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