Night Routine For Natural Hair

When you go to bed you want to do three things: moisturize, protectively style your hair and wear a silk bonnet or sleep on silk pillow cases. Kinky ladies avoid these steps and not only will you suffer from a matted look, but you will end up with hair breakage. Develop a routine that is easy for you to follow to avoid this happening to you. Moisturize Generally speaking you will want to add moisture to your hair twice a day(This
will vary from person to person). Use your favorite cream or butter to help stretch out those kinks, to prevent dryness, and to hold your twists or braids. Protective Style Options a. Twisting and Braiding This is a step you definitely do not want to skip out on because it helps prevent tangles or the matting of your hair which can lead to breakage. Overtime continuously avoiding this step will cause breakage especially for women with coily kinky hair.
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