Cheesy Bacon Potatoes And Salmon

This meal joins classy and down home cooking. If you would like to impress your family and friends, this meal will certainly do that. You will need: Fresh or Frozen salmon Russet Potatoes Onions Red peppers Salt Pepper Garlic Muenster cheese Cook the fish first. Place thawed out salmon in a skillet. Season to your liking place. Place Onions and peppers in the skillet when the salmon is about 75% done. Place onions and peppers on top of the salmon so that they won’t stick to the pan. Place a top on the skillet to steam. If you would like the fish to dry out cook it without a top but watch closely. Once the Fish is done turn off and placed to the side. Potato Preparation Depending on how many people you are planning to fix this meal will determine on how many potatoes that you will use. Make sure that you wash
off the potato thoroughly. Cut potatoes in slices Leave the skin on for health properties or you can peel the potatoes. Place a little bit of water in a pan and cover the potatoes. Cook potatoes until Soft but do not mash them. Salt them to your liking. Please cooked onions and peppers in the potatoes. This part is optional Cook turkey bacon until crisp. Once the bacon is crispy crush the bacon into the potatoes and stir. Get Munster cheese in slices and place three slices per potato that you are cooking. Serving instructions Take hot cheesy potatoes and place in a bowl or plate. Take a piece of salmon and place a piece on top of the potatoes. Put a slice of Muenster cheese on top and let it melt. Cut some red onion on top for color and flavor. Enjoy! For More recipes visit our Blog

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