Natural Colon Cleanse: Get Rid Of Constipation

Going to the bathroom can be a job for some people. Being regular is required for optimal wellness. If the body doesn’t release waste, the body can and will become imbalanced. Causes for Constipation Dehydration or Too much hydration Not eating enough fiber Electrolytes being imbalanced Not enough physical activity The first thing that a person will go to for constipation issues are laxatives. Taking a laxative is the worse thing that you can
to turn to, because it can actually make the problem worse. Laxatives tend to cause dependency and dehydration. Natural Colon Cleanse Filtered Water Celery Half of Lemon Get a blender Place a stalk of celery in the blender 2 cups of water and a half of lemon. Drink this daily By the second day, you should see a huge change. Keeping a regular system leads to: Better skin Better sleep Healthy Weight Adjustment Better Menstrual cycles Smaller Belly Less Bloating Better Moods Clearer Thinking

Try a holistic approach to this problem. We have wellness coaches available to help you with your wellness concerns. Go to the group below.

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