Natural Hair Women Don’t Comb Their Hair

I’m sorry but if you wear your hair natural, you cheap, you got low self esteem and a comb ain’t your friend So you want to be natural.? You have seen all of the pretty hairstyles on the web and you just know that your Natural hair will look just like that. Well girl, this is a whole lie. Sometimes you have to look at your grand mammy and see how her hair is. If her hair looks like a birds nest, just know that you are going to have a time with your hair. You see the celebrities and the natural hair enthusiasts and you just know that you will be able to do the same. Well honey I got something for you. Going Natural is work and it is certainly a commitment. What makes you think that going back to natural hair means to stop combing you hair? Why are you throwing away the shampoo? Since when is a conditioner a cleanser/shampoo. Most women are going to have hair as thick as a sheep’s caboose and combing that hair will be a task. All you gonna do is attempt to comb that hair with a rat tail comb and break it. Girl not combing your hair is not going to make that tumbleweed go away. You must comb and brush the hair daily. This will stimulate circulation and hair growth. Oh and don’t get me started with just putting a darn headband on your head every day and calling it a hairstyle. Then you take the

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headband off and all of a sudden it looks like your Hairline is turning into a bowling ball. Don’t you know that constantly wearing a headband around your precious baby hairs is a complete disaster for your hairline? Take those headbands off and let your hairline breathe. Since when does going natural mean that you don’t have to shampoo your hair? You are asking to become a bald headed bird. The scalp needs to be cleansed so that hair can grow. Some women are going around smelling like they just left the gym and they haven’t ever been in one. It is not cute or sanitary. Think about your family, friends, coworkers and constituents. They do not want to be around that. Why do you think that it’s cool for you to put food in your hair? Stop being cheap and thinking that putting raw eggs, mayonnaise,and rice water is good for your hair. You are asking for all kinds of scalp problems. When that stuff goes bad, don’t be mad when bats start to follow you. The natural Hair community is full of lazy uneducated women that feels that going natural is a badge of honor. No it’s a responsibility and it should not be taken lightly. Natural Hair is not for everyone. Yes it grows out of your scalp but you don’t know how to manage it. Natural hair needs double the attention. So if you plan to go Natural and throw away the comb,shampoo and just not take care of your hair, get a wig sis.

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