The Art Of Detangling Natural Hair

I have been doing natural hair for some time now, and one thing that I have noticed is that detangling is an important step that is commonly missed. I personally had to do a lot of research on what products and steps will make the task of detangling easier. When you are taking care of your hair in between visits to your salon professional, it is important that you have tools
to detangle in a healthy way. Your texture will determine what things you need to detangle. Course and long hair is the most difficult to maintain. These are the steps to effectively detangling your Hair. 1. GET A WIDE TOOTH COMB. 2. COMB YOUR HAIR FROM THE ENDS TO THE SCALP. 3. USE NAIROBI HUMECTA SIL....PURCHASE HERE 4.NEVER SHAMPOO MATTED HAIR WITHOUT DETANGLING FIRST. 5. WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, MAKE A VISIT TO A HAIR CARE PROFESSIONAL!!
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