Should You Wear Eyelash Extensions?

Eye Lash Extensions are a way to express yourself and to add style to your face. Over the years eye lash extensions have become very common. It used to be where the lashes were for special occasions. Now women wear them everyday and it has really become a problem. Eye lashes comes in many sizes and lengths. Wearing them two small or big can have a negative impact on your eyes, and eye lids. Wearing real long eyelashes will make your vision worse over time. It will also cause you to have to blink more. The blinking over time will send negative signals to your body. It will cause headaches, and over activity your eyes. The weight of the lashes will also over work the muscle of the lid. Remember that your eyes are a muscle. Once that muscle gets weak, your eyes won’t be able to open up for sunlight. This over time can cause eye sight difficulties. If you wear glasses, make sure that you continue to wear them. Your eyesight should never be second to
looking good. Hair glue should never be used to secure lashes to your eyelids. That glue is not even good for your scalp. The skin on the eyes are much thinner. Using this glue over time will thin the skin on the eyelids even more. This will make you sensitive to getting infections. The glue will also take your natural lashes off and prevent them from growing. Always use the glue that is made for lashes. Eye lashes are a great accessory to your look. They should never be worm everyday. They should not be worn while you are sleeping. Doing so will cause infection and lack of air and circulation. Always wash your eye lids. Change lashes daily. Even if the lashes says that they can be worn several times, wash the lashes. Remove the old glue. Makeup on eyelash extensions are a no no. The makeup will get in between the extensions and your real eye lashes. This is not healthy for the eye. If you do use mascara, make sure that you remove the makeup at night.

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