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Makeup Is Toxic To The Body

Toxic makeup is nothing new The ancient Greeks used heavy metals in their skin. Egyptian queens wore black kohl eye makeup that was made with lead. But last week, trace amounts of asbestos - a known cancer causer has been found in concealer. It’s also in children’s glitter that was found in the store Claire’s. The skin is the largest organ and it has several jobs. One of the jobs are to absorb and to excrete. We are supposed to absorb the good things and excrete the bad. Our skin does not know the difference between toxic and healthy products. When we place soaps, lotions and perfumes on our skin, it gets absorbed in the skin immediately and goes into the blood stream within 27
seconds. Makeup has so many chemicals in the ingredientsthat has no business in the body. These chemicals disrupts our hormones and causes havoc. These toxic chemicals does not go through the digestive system so there is no barrier. So if you are someone who wear makeup, be aware of the harm that you could be doing to your body. Now don’t be too worried, the body is resilient and you can stop and recoop from the choice of wearing makeup. There are some makeup brands that are vegan but you have to be aware of the chemicals that may be In them. Our skin is very important and clogging the pores with chemicals that aren’t needed is unnecessary grief. Join our Patreon community for more health tips.

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