These 5 Foods Helped A Man Live Until He Was 114 Years Old

Only a few blessed people manage to live longer than 100 years. This man was born in 1901 in Victoria, Brazil. When he was a lad, he migrated to the United States. This blessed man managed to have four careers during his 114 years of his life. In the 1920s, he started out as a 5-star chef. He ran a successful massage practice for about 20 years. Once he obtained his license at the age of 71, he became an author and a speaker. At the age of 73, he graduated from New York University for reflexology and podiatry. He also went into the study of herbology with Dr. Richard Schulze of the American Botanical Pharmacy. He recognized that people looked up to him as the oldest living Yankee. With this knowledge,he became popular and used his fame to inspire thousands of other people to live healthy. This man chose to live his entire life holistically and he dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle. He also dedicated his time to healthy daily routines. He made a point to eat the same thing every day. He had a mantra that he lived by, "Keep your liver and colon clean". His diet included 5 key foods. He believed that they were responsible for his longevity: Garlic Garlic is loaded with nutrients. It lowers
the risk of heart disease and blood pressure. The healthy oils of olive oil improve heart and brain health. He also ate soups, salads, whole grains, and organic fruits and vegetables.   On the flip side, he avoided French fries, red meats, and hot dogs. He believed they are carcinogenic and they cause serious health risks. He regularly exercised. He exercised his mind and body by walking, reading, and doing crossword puzzles.   In his book, Beyond 100: How to Live Well Into Your Second Century, he believes that we are nothing without our health. Here are some of his tips: Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables- His diet was full of berries and melons, mushrooms, applesauce, avocado, carrots, cabbage, sweet potato, and spinach. He believed in taking cinnamon, avocados, garlic,honey and olive oil daily. Drink plenty of water- He drank a half a gallon of boiled water everyday. This was to get rid of bad microbes and parasites. Keep your colon clean. Do this by juicing vegetables. Also drink two glasses of fresh vegetable juice a day Make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Always strive for Obedience and Moderation. Moderation is key. Exercise your body and your mind daily. Relax, relieve your stress, and enjoy every moment.  He definitely received the rewards of living in this way. Watch Video Below

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