There Are Three Types Of Naturals

Going Natural has been a big topic for a long time. It is a subject that everybody is talking about. I feel that going natural is a personal decision. Nobody has the right to put a guilt trip on anyone for not being natural. You should not go natural because you saw a cute picture. You should not look at a mixed chick and think that your hair is going to grow out like that. So here are some categories of naturals that I have developed. --Naturalzillas These are a women who don't want to touch a comb or brush. A lot of them don't even want to use shampoo to cleanse the scalp. Co washing is their friend. A dryer is not. They like to allow their hair to air dry. If you have color they will talk about you. If you use heat they will talk about you. They don't keep up on their trim and treatments. Naturalzillas don't play when it comes to their hair. -- I just don't want Relaxer in my hair These naturals are the coolest. They shampoo their hair. They get all of the latest tools and equipment. They keep up with all of the
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trendy hairstyles. They get all of the new products. They love to go to the hair salon. They may wear different protective styles. These naturals keeps up on their trims and treatmnents. They do this because they want their hair to look nice. they serious about keeping up with their salon appointments. --- Natural Girls who like to go from curly to straight. This natural girl is a combination of both. They like to keep up with the hair trends, but they don't care anything about upkeep of hair. They also like their hair to be straight for most of the time, however when its time to go back to curly they expect their hair to REVERT back. They like to go to different people do to their hair. They like to find the best price for everything. Their hair always looks like combination hair or like they are transitioning because they have a lot of heat damage. So which one are you? No matter which natural you are, healthy air is always an option. Make sure that you get with a professional hair stylist. Going Natural is not something that you should do by yourself. To find a stylist go here:

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