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Women Products To Avoid

Beauty products are usually the go to for almost any concern that we have. If you have acne, you will use makeup. If your nails don’t grow properly, you will just add false nails. When your PH is off, you use products to help you to feel better. The reasons can go on and on. The products that you use on the daily could be causing, hormone imbalances, weight gain and more. Let’s go over some common products that you may use daily that could be contributing to your discomforts. Compact Powder These powders have several chemicals that can be endocrine disrupters. Covering your skin is just hiding the situation. Look into doing some natural remedies to heal your skin problems. Remember that the skin is a direct connect to your blood stream. Anything that is placed on the skin can get into your blood stream within 27 seconds. Nail Polish and Polish Remover Do you notice when you go to the nail salon, the workers wear masks. Well they wear those masks because of the chemicals. Having to be around all of them chemicals everyday all day can be detrimental to their wellness. So when you spend an hour to get your nails done, you have inhaled harmful toxic fumes. These toxins can cause all kinds of disorders and diseases. Women who have reproductive problems should
definitely not partake in getting their nails done in this manner. The polish can even be toxic. Polish has chemicals like Formaldehyde which should not be inhaled or placed on the skin. Intimate wash Products PH problems can only be dealt with by changing your diet. A diet that’s full of sugar,caffeine and lots of meat can cause odors and discomforts. If you are constantly getting infections and other discomforts, you will need to do a full overhaul on your daily eating habits. Using feminine hygiene products can actually disrupt the natural environment to be off. It can encourage more infections and even more worse conditions. It is better to incorporate probiotics into your diet. If you would like to start a holistic approach, invest in getting a holistic practitioner. Hair Removal creams The chemicals in these products are very toxic. Very rarely do people wear masks while using these products. These can cause autoimmune issues and more. The chemicals can also enter the blood stream and throw off your whole system. Hair dyes The chemicals can be carcinogenic. Anyone who has gone through a terminal illness should not use these chemicals. So it’s best to not use it at all. Prevention is worth a pound of cute. There are always healthier alternatives to what was listed. Do your research or get you a Holistic Practitioner.

Try a holistic approach to this problem. We have wellness coaches available to help you with your wellness concerns. Go to the group below.

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