Birth Control Pills Are Low Key Detrimental To Women’s Health

Birth Control is something that is used for controlling women from being able to get pregnant. That sounds very convenient right? Well birth control can do more damage than good. Have you ever read the warning labels of this type of preventive measure? The type of hormones that are placed in Birth Control are too much for human consumption. It’s so brutal that it causes so many health issues in the woman’s body. Women are born with all of the tools that will ever be needed. The ovaries come equipped with thousands of eggs. Over time the eggs die off. Men create there cells for much longer. A healthy 70 year old man can still create a child, whereas a woman has roughly until she is 35 to be considered healthy to conceive and carry a child. The main mistake that is made is using birth control as a crutch instead of educating one self about making better choices. Parents put their young girls on the birth control pill from the age of 14. This is a huge set up. It leads to major health problems. I know
that you don’t want your daughters to get pregnant early, but talking to them and teaching them self love will be better. Remember that birth control does not protect you from std’s. Many women take this pill and are not educated on what it does. The pill is supposed to mimic a woman’s natural menstrual cycle. This very tiny pill does ginormous damage inside of the body. It can cause terrible weight gain, migraines, blood clots, certain cancers and more. It does this by filling the body up with huge amounts of synthetic estrogen hormones. Some of the hormones are taken from horses. The horse is a different Species and have you seen the size of a horse. Why would a woman need all of those hormones? Over time it does damage to the body. After years of taking this pill and you decide that you want to start a family, problems may arise. Now women are given birth control pills to control problems from endometriosis and bad cramping. These two problems comes From estrogen dominance. Birth control pills would actually make this worse. To get a holistic coach please email
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